Start your day with clarity and calm.

You wake up every workday to a rushed and harassed morning. You move from mini crisis to crisis and you can barely find the time to take a breath. If this sounds like you, and if you are struggling with the stresses and overwhelm of the day, here’s a mini-course to help bring on the calm!’s Mindful Morning Mini Course is a short virtual course that helps to bring clarity and calm to your day. Mornings are incredibly powerful times to set the tone of your day. The tools outlined in this course can be easily integrated into your morning routine so that you minimise the stress and overwhelm of your day.

[Note: this course is no priced at only $12.00)

  1. An introductory video about integrating mindfulness into your morning routines;
  2. A quick meditation that can be easily included into your mornings, and that can lengthened or shortened depending on your time constraints;
  3. A quick yoga mat movement practice that can be lengthened or shortened depending on your schedule;
  4. A video on an array of mindfulness tools you may want to employ in your routine; AND
  5. BONUS CONTENT – four videos on all aspects of adding mindfulness to your mornings; AND
  6. BONUS CONTENT – four more videos on wall yoga stretches that help to relieve low back soreness!

The course includes:

What people say:

Donna-Michelle Perry Poindexter

(Our virtual yoga classes) centres me. I get up, I move, I think of how my body moves and reacts. When I was active prior, I never did that. This has been amazing.

Jaime Ong-Yeoh

Daniel’s Zoom Yoga classes kept me sane during MCO (lockdown in Malaysia), it was nice to have something to look forward to and be able to keep a regular practice. I am looking forward to going back to in-person classes, but will also continue to join Zoom Yoga as it allows me to sneak in a class between meetings when I’m working from home.

Yoga on YouTube is filled with videos of very skinny and impossibly flexible instructors that are hard to relate to. Daniel’s yoga is yoga for real people!

Yap Chin Fui

Observant, professional and encouraging are the words that I will use to describe Daniel who is a knowledgeable personal fitness instructor and yoga teacher. He is able to tell me which area in my body that needs to be worked on. During my training sessions with him, he guided me through the exercises that will strengthen the muscles in those areas and taught me exercises that I could practise at home as well. Daniel is approachable and he explains clearly and that makes me feel at ease during the training sessions. I would highly recommend Daniel to you as a personal fitness instructor or yoga teacher. I know that you will learn much from him and he will get you into a fit condition as you work hand in hand with him.

Beat stress, gain clarity, be calm.

We can all have peace, we just need the tools, and to practise them.