Hello, I’m Daniel Chandranayagam,

also known as “danyoga.fit”.

I seek to help you find peace and clarity in your grief through yoga.

With more than a decade’s experience in wellness, let me help you cope with grief and loss, while gaining deeper insights into yourself, through yoga movement, breath work and wisdom.

About me.

When my father was hospitalised with final stage liver cirrhosis, I found myself forgetful, scattered and often overwhelmed. Things got much worse after he passed away, not to mention sleepless nights and sudden meloncholia.

One morning, as I lit some incense and watched the sun rise, I decided to contextualise all the yoga wisdom and philosophy I already knew into the experience of grief. Grief is an inevitable human capacity, and is a natural and normal response to loss.

These tools and framework helped me so much, and together with the passage of time, I gained clarity and a deeper insight into myself, compassion for myself and for others who shared my sorrow (and also who are on the journey in grief) and also some peace and calm, notwithstanding the ever-presence of grief.

There is so much therapeutic value to yoga movement and wisdom, that fits into any lifestyle or ideology you may practise.

I would like to share these tools and framework with you. With my knowledge and experience as a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and reiki healer – all rolled into one – let’s work together in a yoga mentorship journey to help you in your grief.

Read an interview with me discussing Yoga For Grief.

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Aside from personal training, my early fitness career was in boot camp. Highlights of my career are in the right column.

Looking back on my career, I realise I have accomplished so much, and yet I feel I have so much more to do!

My goal is to help you derive clarity and calm through movement, meditation and mindset change. From this, you will derive so many benefits, including ageing well.

Aside from yoga offerings, I currently also offer personal training (especially for men seeking to combat andropause) and energy healing, specifically for animals.


  • teaching yoga to the visually challenged
  • instructing yoga and fitness at a shelter for girls from troubled homes as well as children who are trafficked
  • “Yoga for Runners” and “Yoga for Athletes” workshops with FISAF Malaysia
  • writing a “Yoga for Runners” series for Running Malaysia magazine
  • being featured as a guest teacher in MURFEST 2017
  • successfully running a charity fundraiser for the Furry Friends Farm, my favourite charity.

Watch a short interview on me below:

Major certifications:


Usui Reiki

Levels 1 & 2 (Reiki Healer). Energy healing that helps soothe the body and peel the emotional layers to understand your true identity.

I offer reiki for animals (scroll below).


ACE Mind Body Specialist

Including yoga and pilates for special populations.


E-RYT200 Yoga Alliance

Yoga Teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance, with more than 200 hours of experience.


ACE-certified Personal Trainer

Lapsed certification arising from the 2020-2021 pandemic – but with years of experience to bolster the knowledge behind the certification.

I also have the Sports Science (level 1) certification from the Malaysian Nation Sports Council.

Besides yoga, reiki and fitness, I occasionally work as a writer and editor. My academic and professional qualifications are in law (LLB (Hons) / Gray’s Inn).

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