A FREE 7-Day yoga immersive course that will help you to:
  • gain clarity from grief through through yoga, breath-work and meditation
  • practise tools and processes to help you find peace and respite in your sorrow
  • move forward through grief while honouring who or what you have lost

About Daniel.

Hello, I’m Daniel, a certified and experienced yoga teacher, reiki healer and personal trainer. I hope to help you gain clarity and peace in your grief through yoga.

I seek to serve mid-lifers through the experiences that come on the other side of forty, which includes grief, as we watch our parents age, or go through empty nest syndrome, or even experience the loss of passion for life when he hit forty and over.

It makes me so happy to see people he works with succeed, using tools and modalities they learn from me.

Practitioners who have worked with me have experienced transformations in at least one of these areas:

“Yoga on YouTube is filled with videos of very skinny and impossibly flexible instructors that are hard to relate to. Daniel’s yoga is yoga for real people!”

Jaime Ong-Yeoh

“… I could not walk without pain. (I was) even was bent over. It was painful, even with drugs and steroid shots to help relieve the pain when Daniel started working with me. from across the globe on Zoom. By week three, I was in my yard doing yard work…”

Donna-Michelle Perry Poindexter

“Whatever your level, but especially if you are a beginner, I highly recommend Daniel. Daniel is genuinely patient, knowledgeable and helpful.”

Victor Liew

The Mindful Mornings Mini Course.


  • waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, and ready to tackle the day

  • having the clarity to know what you want when faced with decisions

  • having the confidence to handle a crisis, even if you’re in the midst of it

  • moving with confidence, whether while exercising or just walking into a room

  • envisioning a future where you are as fulfilled as you would wish to be


Virtual Yoga Workshops

Ever wanted to immerse yourself in the basics of yoga arm balances or yoga heart-openers. Check out these virtual yoga workshops, to be viewed and practised at your convenience.

Online Yoga Library

Finding yourself time-poor and in need of yoga practice? This virtual yoga library has simple Hatha Yoga classes to more challenging Yoga Flex and Yoga Flow classes. Practise at your convenience.

In-Person Yoga / Fitness Sessions

Whether individual or group, corporate or private, if you seek accessible yoga and fitness, I can tailor the sessions towards your goals.

Join my Grief Yoga Sangha community that supports each other with meditations, wisdom talks and other guidance on the Insight Timer app.

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  • Does your yoga practice feel dull?
  • Have you been practising yoga or meditation but still lack peace?
  • Do you feel that no matter how hard you try with your yoga and meditation practice, it’s just not fulfilling ?

Get your free ebook!

This e-book outlines three foundational principles in all yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices. Whether for yoga movement practice, meditation practice, or other mindfulness practices:

  • Learn how to ground;
  • Learn how invite the capacity to let go;
  • Learn how to invite the capacity to expand.

It’s a distillation of all I have learnt throughout my years of practice and teaching.