Move and feel better.

Whether virtually or in-person, let’s work together to head towards your goals for yoga and a thriving midlife.

Thrive with yoga.

Yoga, movement and wellness gives so much to us. Moving better will helps us feel better, and feeling better helps us to manage the stress expereienced in our minds and body.

Especially when you begin yoga, movement and wellness in our midlife, you will want someone who can empathise and who has the expertise. Well, GOOD NEWS! Look no further!

Virtual Yoga Offerings.

Virtual Yoga Courses

Dive deeper into yoga practice, both on and off the mat! Incorporate yoga wisdom into your daily life to reap the full benefits of what yoga has to offer you.

Virtual Yoga Workshops

Ever wanted to immerse yourself in the basics of yoga arm balances or yoga heart-openers. Check out these virtual yoga workshops, to be viewed and practised at your convenience.

Online Yoga Library

Finding yourself time-poor and in need of yoga practice? This virtual yoga library has simple Hatha Yoga classes to more challenging Yoga Flex and Yoga Flow classes. Practise at your convenience.

Journey To Your Toes

free virtual yoga immersion.

A FREE online yoga immersive course that will help you to:

  • reach your toes skilfully and safely
  • learn how your body and emotions work so that you may ease yourself to toes
  • eliminate any soreness in your low back, butt, or any other part of your back that has been hindering your journey to your toes

In-Person Yoga.

Expand and thrive in your yoga practice with 1:1 yoga sessions, private group practice, workshops or retreats with me!

Reiki for animals.

Pet owners have a challenge understanding what their pets need, especially when the pets are ill are are close to passing on. Reiki – a form of energy healing – is a way we can send healing to our pets, and sometimes also communicate with them, and form a deeper connection with them.

Sending reiki to your pet – whether ill or healthy – always has a positive outcome.