Nourishing Practices for Heartfelt Healing

Yoga for Grief Retreat

A FREE Yoga Retreat Program that will help you to:

- acknowledge your feelings
– release your pain
– restore your energy
– reconnect with your inner wisdom- reclaim your joy

You will get yoga, meditation, breath-work and journaling practices for this retreat.

Yoga For Grief

An online immersion through the chakras

A 7-Day online yoga immersive course that will help you to:

  • find some peace and respite from grief through the exploration of your body and mind through yoga
  • practise tools and processes to help you find clarity and compassion in your sorrow
  • find a way forward through grief that will honour who or what you have lost.

Now BONUS Chakra Meditation in Grief and Reiki Through the Chakras in Grief – guided practices.

Virtual Yoga Offerings.

Virtual Yoga Courses

Dive deeper into yoga practice, both on and off the mat! Incorporate yoga wisdom into your daily life to reap the full benefits of what yoga has to offer you.

Virtual Yoga Workshops

Ever wanted to immerse yourself in the basics of yoga arm balances or yoga heart-openers. Check out these virtual yoga workshops, to be viewed and practised at your convenience.

Learn basic principles of meditation & yoga.

Get this FREE e-book to help you along your transformative journey towards calm and clarity!

Pet owners have a challenge understanding what their pets need, especially when the pets are ill are are close to passing on. Reiki – a form of energy healing – is a way we can send healing to our pets, and sometimes also communicate with them, and form a deeper connection with them.

Sending reiki to your pet – whether ill or healthy – always has a positive outcome.

Insight Timer

My guided meditations, breath-work, and reiki practices are all available here. Also check out my scheduled live practices (reiki and yoga) on this app.

Guided by Keziah

This app has my guided meditations, breath-work, and reiki practices, as well as my video courses. I am so honoured to be a part of the team.

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