Your daily calm in a (lunch) box

I am on a mission to help you overcome your daily overwhelm with mindfulness tools and yoga chair stretches through my Yoga Lunchbox platform.

Let me honestly say, I get the crazy overwhelm of work life, and if we’re not careful, it can seep into our personal relationships and also can mar the enjoyment of our weekends.

So please really let me help you. Be patient though with yourself and with me, the stress and overwhelm didn’t pile up overnight. So we need to chip away at it bit by bit. Watch the first episode below:

The second episode took place on Friday, you can watch it here on Facebook and here on Instagram.

It is on every Friday at 1215pm (UTC+8), take approx 20-30 mins out from your lunch to make the rest of your day smoother.

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Tell me in the comments what your experiences have been with the tools in the Yoga Lunchbox!