The Yoga Lunchbox.

Bite-size yoga toolkit to manage your stress!

Empowering you with quick tools to help bring clarity and calm to the mind and body.

Find peace.

A corporate yoga and mindfulness workshop.

Have a toolbox at your fingertips to help you de-stress at work in bite-size form, so that you can progress through your day with clearer, fresher minds and bodies.

The Yoga Lunchbox is a three-hour workshop empowering busy workers with quick tools to help bring clarity and calm to the mind and body.

Participants of the workshop are taught mindfulness tools and yoga stretches – independent of each other – to use as and when they need them, so that their decisions and actions at work will be free from stress, reactiveness and overwhelm.

Activities in this workshop involve:

1. Chair or wall stretches that help relieve any discomfort from long durations of sitting,

2. Mindfulness activities involving body and breath awareness, and

3 Other mindfulness tips and tricks to help participants learn how to disassociate from the overwhelm of work and personal life.

Over the years, I have noticed how the overwhelm of both work and personal life can cause my corporate clients to neglect themselves.

This is to the detriment of their work and productivity, relationships and their own health and wellbeing.

This workshop was put together from my years of wellness experience to help counter this problem. I strongly believes that everyone should have tools to self-heal and find joy.