Balancing work & life in the new norm (part 2).

So, working from home can be a struggle if we’re just not used to it, or if we keep going into lockdown and coming out of it over and over again. If you haven’t read the first part of this series, click on the button below.

So once we have the right mindset, got ourselves organised and included our own self-care, it’s time to speak to the people who share your home with you.

Managing your household.

It’s best to have a good talk with family to ensure that it’s clear that you’re working from the outset. Explain in a loving but firm way what you have planned for you and – if necessary – also for them.

Once you’ve set the boundaries, just see how the workdays go. You may find your children still come to you while you work, or perhaps your other dependents still infringe on your time.

That’s fine. Welcome, witness and recognise it and do what’s necessary in as equanimous manner possible – using principles of grounding / letting go for the process.

If a child or dependent requires you to help or wants your attention, and if you can, do that and remind them you are working and cannot be called upon all the time.

Pets / Fur Kids.

Your pets may bug you while you’re at work. Give them some time, usually a minute of petting and loving is enough to make them feel happy. Unfortunately, this may still break your thought process for work, but it does make a difference to them.

Let’s put it this way – your child, dependent or pet aren’t used to being around during the workday. When they call upon you, it means they love you and depend on you. Give them a little time if possible, then explain to them that you cannot entertain them as discussed (if they aren’t your pets), and usually the message will get through.

As for pets, they will get the message after some time. Give them attention, then get back to work.

Working from home, my cats always jump into my yoga livestream classes!

Work with your household with love, welcome each experience with equanimity. Without any cleaving emotions of stress or anxiety, you may move forward with greater clarity and calm.

You may even be more productive.

Set up your day.

Remember to set up your day well with a good morning routine. We don’t have a commute any longer – considering we’re working from home, so use that time for some self-care.

Spend some time on yourself. Include some movement if you can, such as virtual yoga or home workouts.

Include some meditation as well.

If you follow these guidelines – tailoring it appropriately to your own situation – things should fall into place for you. Let me know how these tips help in the comments.