What do we really control?

This year may not be looking as the respite we were hoping for from 2020. Some of us are sad, some are anxious, some of us are angry or frustrated. All these are valid feelings to have. It is a difficult time. But taste them, and let dance away from your moment.

We control ourselves.

The one thing we can control is ourselves and our responses to our situations and circumstances. Usually, our anger or frustration, our thoughts of what “should be” and what “shouldn’t be” arise from unmet expectations. We cannot control expectations we have of others or of the circumstances around us. In that sense, perhaps the most skilful thing we can do is to invite ourselves to let go of these expectations.

Letting go.

Letting go is difficult for many of us. And letting go is something we cannot force, it just happens. Activities like meditation or prayer help. We can also invite our capacity to let go through our exhales.

Biologically, we let go of what we don’t need through our exhales – carbon dioxide, some toxins and even some fat (surprising, isn’t it?). We can use our exhales to help release us from all that is unskilful. So we can extend our exhales when we are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, stressed etc.

Watch the Yoga Lunchbox session below to learn a few tools to help let go of negative grippings you experience.

Letting go isn’t easy but we can continuously invite this capacity into our lives through practice. Do email me or comment if you feel you need help with this, or if you have questions about this.

Once we have slowly let go, what do we do next?


The best way to expand is to be grateful. Gratitude puts our minds into a position when we attend to what we have, what has been given to us and opens up our awareness to abundance.

When we focus on what we don’t have, or how things should be, or how we have been wronged – these takes our focus away from all the abundance already on our lap. These thoughts leads us to scarcity – what we don’t have.

Take a watch of the vide above to learn tools on how to invite ourselves to expand. As with letting go, do email me or comment if you feel you need help with this, or if you have questions about this.

Again, the work comes down to you. Letting go and expansion practices are just that – practices. Doing once or twice or even a week may not see any changes in your perception or in your heart.

I would be so happy to hear from you. Let me know if this helps!