Imagine… no more low back pain!

Are you suffering a little from low back pain, like me? Sitting in our cars, slouching over our computers, standing a great deal when presenting or teaching a class, climbing stairs to avoid lifts, heavy squats, too-soft mattresses – all these contribute towards having soreness in the low back.

Here are a few yoga wall stretches I do to help relieve low back tension. They are easy, accessible, you can do them anytime – so long as you have a wall.

Also, you will find a lot of simple wall stretches – many of them focusing on low back issues – on my Instagram reels.

This blog post and accompanying videos are for low back pain arising from postural issues, too much sitting or issues related with heels of shoes. It doesn’t look at low back pain arising from slipped discs or injuries relating to the spine, sporting injuries, or any other kind of injury. Please do seek medical advice for those.