Delve deeper into your yoga.

Home yoga practice is now the norm, with COVID-19 and its variants, and also on-again / off-again lockdowns taking place worldwide.

Opportunities to grow your home practice, connect to yoga poses, yoga drills and yoga philosophy can help us draw in the calm and clarity to help us navigate this new world that is developing before our eyes.

None of us were born super yogis.

All the social media photos and videos you see are from hours, months and years of practice; of discipline and deep focus and ‘tapas’ (want to know what’s ‘tapas’? Learn more below!).

It’s all about your foundation. Learn with me in my monthly virtual workshops certain yoga poses, some philosophy behind them, the movement drills to practise on, and the community we build online to practice together.

Here’s a preview of my first virtual yoga workshop, “Balance in Bakasana”:

For me as a yoga teacher, it’s not just about the pose, but the stories and the philosophies behind them that open up doors. It’s the philosophy of the movement that we can take off the mat and into the world, and it’s the practise of the movement that works functionally for us in our daily lives, all the way up to our older age.

This is the reason why many of also practise yoga. Here’s one of the many stories we can learn from yoga – that I shared during my most recent virtual workshop, “Brighten with Backbends”:

Delve deeper into yoga practice – super-yogi or not!

If you seek:

  • Clarity on the anatomy of yoga poses
  • Functionality of the movement in yoga
  • Stories and philosophy to help our yoga practice grow
  • Stories and philosophy to help us develop as persons
  • A fun-filled hour or two of yoga practice

Come join me in my monthly virtual workshops.

Take a listen to the Story of the Pandavas and the Crane from the “Balance in Bakasana” virtual yoga workshop below: