Boosting testosterone for healthy ageing.

It began about five years ago. I began bloating up and no matter what workout I did, I just could not drop the bulk. Not only was I concerned, being a fitness fanatic, but also there is some expectation that I would look like a yoga teacher / fitness trainer. There came a point when I was doing 50-100 burpees a day just to try to get some fat loss.

It all didn’t work, so I got down to doing as much research as I could on andropause. As mentioned in my previous post, andropause is the natural ageing of men, with a drop in testosterone levels, energy levels, hot flashes, mood swings and also a drop in libido.

For me, it was mostly my body. In fact, this quote sums it up for me:

Some men also notice sudden changes to various parts of the body. The stomach will begin to retain fat while muscle mass throughout the arms and chest disappears. No matter how much you exercise, you may feel as if you are fighting an uphill battle.


I discovered that one of the best ways to boost testosterone and human growth hormone naturally is bodybuilding. In fact, bodybuilding websites seem to be one of the few exercise / sports resources that discusses this phenomenon among men.

This was when I decided to hire Kodin to train me as if I were entering a bodybuilding competition. What I discovered along the way was:

  1. Lifting like a bodybuilder does indeed boost testosterone
  2. Eating like a bodybuilder does indeed boost testosterone
  3. Additional plus point: there is far more mind-body connection and mindfulness involved in bodybuilding
  4. Additional plus point: because of point 3 above, the likelihood of injury is far less than in CrossFit or bootcamp
  5. (In addition, because I was training with Kodin, there was even less risk of injury)

Other modalities

Bodybuilding isn’t the only way to boost testosterone. Other forms of exercise that help boost testosterone would be any form of power training (like Olympic lifts or sprints) and also high intensity interval training. For me though, I found bodybuilding to be safest and most effective.

Have you managed to fight andropause or managed to change your body composition for the better? Tell me your experiences in the comments!

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