Ageing for the healthy man.

Every five years or so, I tend to gain a lot of fat and have to work doubly hard to get rid of it. Once I hit 45 years of age, it became clear to me – I was experiencing andropause.

Andropause is defined as:

  • The gradual decline in testosterone levels in middle-aged men, often accompanied by physiological changes such as fatigue, decreased energy, and decreased libido.
  • The male equivalent of the menopause in women; characterised by a decline in sexuality and overall energy.

Interestingly, around five years ago, I began getting clients who were experiencing the same. This, coupled with my own experience, made me really interested in bodybuilding. More on that in later blog posts.

What I would like to address health and wellness issues experienced by men in their forties and above in future. As we grow older, men need to:

  • keep hormone levels up through exercise and food
  • stress-related issues
  • low-back issues
  • emotional and psychological issues from ageing

And these issues have many solutions. There is no wrong or right method, mainly because we are all different. I am pretty excited to share with you my own experiences and what I have learnt over time. Stay tuned for more!

And tell me in the comments your own experiences with ageing and what you’d like me to address!

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