Review: first month at the gym

This is just a short update on my gym activities.

So glad I joined the gym!

Previously, when I joined a franchise gym the second time, I found that nothing really excited me and I was so unmotivated to workout. This time, maybe it is the convenience, maybe it is the timing, but I am totally enjoying myself. I really need to start doing the typical “fitspo” stuff and take before / after photos and take measurements etc. but I haven’t got around to it. Maybe when I change up my workout routine next week…

Cardio Cardio Cardio

I am paying particular attention to cardiovascular activities. I am trying to keep to 120 minutes of cardio per week; basically split into 20 minutes each time I have a resistance workout after, and one single day of 60 minutes purely cardio. When I first began, especially on the first day, it wasn’t the weights that killed me, it was the huffing and puffing on the elliptical machine that got to me. I should have guessed when walking up one flight of stairs made me a little breathless already (but I have been so careful with stairs, because of my knee).

The Elliptical Machine, my fave!

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), we should be doing between 120-150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity per week (less if the intense levels are high), and remember once when I actually kept to this prescription and I really lost a lot of weight. So I am gonna try to keep to 120 minutes (at least, if not more) of cardio, at least for the first quarter.

And the muscle gains!

I am beginning to feel tighter and less flabby, especially around the middle area. After the first week, I was sore everywhere but now I think everything is slowly getting conditioned. I did a basic type of workout split that looked something like this:

  1. Legs [compound 5×10 / isolated 3×12]
  2. Push [compound 5×10 / isolated 3×12]
  3. Pull [compound 5×10 / isolated 3×12]

The Push Workout is the one that really leaves me busted, especially with shoulders following chest. My body gets conditioned pretty fast by the fourth to fifth week, so now that I have hit four weeks following this modality, I am going to switch it up from next week onwards. My resistance workout will look like this for about 4-6 weeks from this week onwards:

  1. Back / Chest 4×12 [8 exercises]
  2. Legs / Shoulders 4×12 [8 exercises]
  3. Arms 4×12 [6 exercises]

In addition, I will continue with 20 minutes cardio before each workout, but I might add in an additional 10 minutes before the arms, so it might be half hour cardio on Day 3. Then I will do one full day of 60 minutes cardio. I’m looking forward!


Ah, this is the part that may be compromised. I have set two days for flexibility / yoga and I hope to keep to it; one day in a led class and one day self-practice or Mysore practice with guidance. I haven’t really been focusing on this that much since my rehab of the knee.

In terms of my Ashtanga practice, so much needs to be worked on. My chakrasana still hasn’t come, and of course Marichiasana C & D and Adho Mukha Pashcimottanasana as well. Here’s a little video by Mark Robberds on chakrasana.

I’m tempted to regress myself to Ubhaya Padangusthasana when I go back for Mysore practice but I guess we will see what we will see… More updates soon!

What about you? What has your workout looked like this past month?