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Quarantine Workout & Exercise.

So what have you been doing for exercise during the Malaysian Movement Control Order (MCO), which is now in its conditional phase (CMCO)? Once upon a time after my operation for ruptured bicep tendon, the only thing I could do was leg exercising and I climbed stairs everyday!

This book helped me programme my cardio-strength workouts with barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells

During the MCO though, I happened to have a body pump barbell set, two 10 kg dumbbells, a 10 kg kettlebell and also some 5 lb sand bells. At first, I began with cardio strength sets with the weights. I worked on some cardio HIIT sets as well. This, coupled with clean eating home-cooked food, and stair climbing to avoid the lifts, saw some fat loss within the first one and a half months of MCO / CMCO.

Al & his brother Dan

But I tend to get bored really fast, and decided to work more with bodyweight workouts. So I delved back into my old readings and re-discovered Al Kavadlo. I discovered he even has an app! Impressed with the progressions / regressions, I bought it about a week ago and began the pull-up 101. Because of my elbow injury, I am taking it easy.

Al’s app!

I have coupled that with some callisthenics from Athlean-X this week, and I’ve begun enjoying myself again! So usually, I would do two cardio strengths a week, one Athlean-X 22-Day Challenge per day, and throw in Al Kavadlo on most days.

Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X

I practise yoga on most days when I demo the class for you, but I also am now trying to put in some extra practise time with my home school, Manasa Yoga, as well as Kino Macgregor (who is a great ashtanga yoga teacher – especially when it comes to technique). Of course, as a Broga┬« Yoga instructor, I have access to the Yoga for Men TV website for both fitness and yoga-related classes as well. I need to get some instructed self-yoga practise in for myself during the week!

So what can you do? If you haven’t been active, and have been holding off in hopes that the MCO will finish and we’ll all be back to business as usual soon, I think you may want to reconsider. I doubt if things are going to immediately go back to the way we were on 17 March 2020. So if you’re just starting out, maybe begin with just walks and maybe one flight up the stairs within the first three weeks of activity commencement (provided you are an apparently healthy adult younger than 60 years of age).

The luminescent Kino Macgregor

Otherwise, it would be best if you contact me directly and I am happy to advise you on how to start. One email, or one call, or one message to me, and you’ll be on your way to getting to be a fitter and healthier person! Comment below or contact me directly!