Move & feel better for lockdown 2.0.

Sadly, us Malaysians are back into a quasi lockdown, with the situation of COVID-19 far worse now than it was 12 months ago. Although it’s announced for a fortnight, we may end up being in lockdown for a month or up to 12 weeks!

So it’s best to just readjust to home life again, some with work and some without. What can we do to ensure balance, both physically as well as emotionally / spiritually?

Physical balance.

Our bodies are meant to move, whether in quarantine or not. Our physical health does affect our mental health, so we need to keep moving. In fact, during a lockdown, we may end up being more sedentary than we wish, so it is crucial we take time for physical activity during the day.

What you can do:

  • Follow some suggestions here for strength training
  • Follow some suggestions here for cardio training
  • Running, jogging and cycling is allowed during the current Malaysian lockdown
  • Add yoga to the mix
  • Of course, do household chores and use the stairs, etc.

Emotional / spiritual balance.

Firstly, I highly recommend some form of prayer or meditation. This could be yogic sitting practice and breath awareness, or it could be saying your rosary. If you are at a loss, try Insight Timer and do short sits, maybe three to five minutes at first. When you feel comfortable, go for longer. My usual day sees me sitting about two or three times for seven minutes and it makes all the difference.

Secondly, for me, I practise reiki. I try to send reiki energy to myself at least once in two days (although I believe twice a day is recommended). I also receive reiki when I reiki others, including my pets or plants.

If reiki is not within your grasp, then try practising mindfulness. Mindfulness can be practised with any activity, from gardening to cooking, walking or even just sitting stroking your fur kids. Here’s a video on what I find mindfulness is:


In addition to all this, even though the lockdown and COVID-19 situation may be depressing, try to maintain a balanced and healthy eating lifestyle and just try to maintain balance. If you’re a working adult, maintain some work. If you’re a student, don’t neglect your studies.

As for me, I have always exercised, so I am doing my best to transition from gym to workout. I have taught yoga for ages, so I am going to continue teaching yoga. Sadly, I am not going to write for the masses for awhile, except on my blog, but I am still writing; still producing content. Don’t allow the situation of the world / country stop you from doing what you usually do. Remember that this too shall pass.

What have I missed? Tell me in the comments on how you maintain / intend to maintain balance during this new lockdown?