Brighten up with yoga (2)

In the previous post, we discussed how yoga can help brighten your mood when you are feeling down or drained or both. Aside from a few other modalities to bring in some cheer into your heart and mind (and body), we also looked at a little bit of breath practice (pranayama) that helps to elevate your mood.

This post will look at yoga movement that may help enhance your mood, in mind and body. When it comes to uplifting yoga poses (or asanas), we usually look to opening up our hearts, and sometimes going upside down.

Heart-opening can be a tricky activity, especially if you have a stiff or sore low back, or immobile pelvis. But because we tend to sit a lot, and that may lead to slouching a lot, let’s give priority to heart-openers (or otherwise known as backbends).

Here’s a short yoga sequence for you when you are in need of a pick-me-upper:

Brighten with backbends sequence

Follow the sequence of yoga poses below for a quick mood booster. If you aren’t sure on how to execute the pose, click on the link to go to a YouTube video explainer:

  1. Cat tilts
  2. Side plank
  3. Gate pose
  4. Locust pose
  5. Bow pose
  6. Child’s pose
  7. Chair-supported Camel pose
  8. Child’s pose (see above for link)
  9. Bolster Bridge pose
  10. Supported Child’s pose
  11. Reclining Bound-Angle pose with bolster
  12. End with Child’s Pose or Bolster Child’s Pose (see above for links)

Depending on how long you stay in each pose, this sequence can take from about eight minutes to half an hour. Tell me in the comments how it worked for you!

To help perk up your mood, look forward to my virtual yoga workshop – Brighten with Backbends – on 31 July 2021.