Switching from gym fitness to home fitness.

So here I am, having gained some muscle and lost fat from all my gym workouts, now stuck at home for the MCO Malaysia 2.0. What to do what to do?

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this conundrum, after having got back to a gym routine and seen progress. I had to remind myself that the initial fat loss I experienced was through all the home workouts I had done during MCO 1.0.

So here’s my plan:


I have finished off this week’s workout of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout (as described here), with the second half modified for home. I have also added on a cardio / HIIT element to try to lose some fat.

My hope for the MCO 2.0 is to maintain the muscle I have gained, while losing more fat. From next week onwards, I probably won’t be following the bodybuilding workout as I have done since the lockdown lifted last May and the gyms open.

What I hope to do from next week is to maintain the HIIT / cardio element and do a full-body cardio strength workout, as I did last year. I also hope to add elements of calisthenics, looking to Al Kavadlo for inspiration on pistol squats and one-armed push ups.

I also hope to go back to stair climbing and am considering some power training like sprints.

Again, who knows how long we won’t have access to the gym? I doubt if it will be two weeks, but who knows. It’s just good to have goals, whether for fitness or other stuff, during the quarantine.


Because I am not lifting nearly as heavy as I did in the gym, and because the goal of muscle hypertrophy has shifted towards fat loss and bodyweight strength, my diet is also changing during this MCO 2.0.

I am cutting down the number of eggs I eat per day, and also the amount of protein I consume overall. I hope to increase vegetables and fibre.

Of course, supplemental probiotics in the form of kafir and yoghurt, enzymes in apple cider vinegar and fish oil will still be part of my diet.

I also hope to cut down on portions overall.


I cannot run away from yoga. At the very least, I will be doing some demonstrating of yoga during my virtual livestream.

What I hope to incorporate is more mindfulness while teaching and practising yoga, and I hope this energy will come across if you attend these classes.

What about you? What are your fitness plans for the lockdown? Tell me in the comments below!