Kill your cardio workout!

Finally, I am in the third phase of TRX Force. It is a great workout and honestly the lean muscle and core strength gains are fantastic. Not only has it helped me a lot in my Ashtanga Vinyasa progress, but it also has helped a lot in improving my cardiovascular endurance.

A strength workout can help your cardio endurance? Of course! Let’s face it, not many people I know love cardio workouts. Unless you are aiming for long distance races, or you are a long-distance athlete, steady-state cardio training is not particularly loved by many. In fact, most people I know do their best to get out of cardio workouts, yours truly included.

I confess, I have never really done hours of cardio during my workout training. In the gym, the maximum I have ever used the cardio machines is an hour 20 minutes, and that would be using many different machines to make things a little exciting. Usually though, I mix up my cardio with my strength training.

Does it work? Of course! But first, here is a few pointers of getting your strength training to help with your cardio:

  1. Rest minimally, or at a push, a one minute rest inbetween sets (for me, a minute rest when I need it, usually just once towards the end of the programme after the second last circuit). Put your phone away and pull it out only after your workout, or else you will be constantly checking your social media accounts; and
  2. Add in a cardio set inbetween sets or circuits: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, a sprint, high knees, there are so many to pick from.

This really does help improve your cardiovascular endurance. I should know, since I have to run at boot camps as a coach. Yet in my own workouts, I have never done a steady-state run ever. When I used to swim, I usually did 50m or 100m dashes. Sometimes 200m dashes, but never a full-out 1km or 2km swim.

What do you do for your cardio? Tell me in the comments!