Food and bodybuilding!

One thing I notice about bodybuilding is how important food is, especially good quality and quantity protein! And this isn’t just whey supplements taken after workouts and before sleeping, but real protein in food. I was lax during August / September, feeling pretty good because I was taking a Stack (namely Animal Stak) and feeling and seeing good gains.

Looking leaner than I would like (beginning October 2018)

By the end of September, my weight dropped to 83 kg and I was so lean! After a week or so, I was galvanised to begin eating my in-between meals of super high protein again (10 eggs mid morning, a can of tuna in the afternoon!). Now, after about three weeks of eating properly, I am beginning to see the difference again.

This is a big lesson for me! I wasn’t only being complacent about bodybuilding, but secretly inside I was yearning to go back to yoga practice! In fact, for that duration when I neglected my nutrition, I was thinking of giving up bodybuilding because I really yearned to practice Mysore again as I did a few years ago!

When I was eating properly…

It was only when I noticed how small and soft-looking I got that I kind of went a little into shock! Now I am getting my second wind again to workout and get bigger for next year!

Did anyone go for Mr. ACT last week? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!