Yoga, Letting Go & Essential Oils.

My follow-up class on Yoga, Emotions & Essential Oils took place recently at dōTERRA Malaysia’s office at KL Eco City. It was a great session, and I revealed that actually (if you didn’t know already!) that ‘grounding’ is the first chakra, while ‘letting go’ is the second chakra.

However, I think I did a better job this time, discussing the oils, how our brain works, why yoga or any mindful practice can help, and how essential oils can boost that practice.

The physical focus was feet, sit bones and hips.

Thanks to everyone who came for the class. I really hope you enjoyed the class and learnt something that afternoon!

I will be combining both this and the previous class mentioned above from now on, and will be taking it to different venues. The first will be at Our Small Kingdom (OSK) in Subang Jaya on 18 May 2019, from 3 to 5 pm. Contact me or them to learn more!

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