September in the gym.

This month, I am just trying out for fun this pre-cut workout from Men’s Fitness. The funny thing is, as a personal trainer and fitness coach, I love creating workouts for other people, but sometimes for myself, I prefer just following and experiencing what others prescribe.

It’s like this for one of the other of things I am doing, whether it is yoga or fitness. Sometimes though, when the mood hits me, I will go through a mood when I will follow my own workouts or practise my own yoga flows. But the times are rare.

Since my re-joining the gym in December 2016, I have been a lot more focussed in both cardio and strength training. It has always been between 120-150 minutes of cardio per week (to make life easier, it’s 30 minutes per day, sometimes in one go and sometimes broken up).

The strength workout has usually been something from Men’s Fitness / Human Fit Project, although once I used something from, which actually helped to thicken me out! I have lost about 7 kg of fat and gained about 3 kg of muscle, which pleases me immensely.

Now, I am considering getting a pro bodybuilder coach to train me. I feel I need someone to push me and also I would like to go through the discipline of bodybuilding and learn more. I would like the experience.

I intend to get a little more serious in October and November, and try to follow this workout then (unless I get a trainer). As with any mass building advice, I will cut down the 120-150 minutes of cardio (probably to about 100 or 90 minutes of cardio), and boost up my protein intake. I do intend to practice yoga at least once a week though…

Some other fitness & yoga related stuff: I have been practising handstand taps for about three weeks now, and also been continuing with the 100 Squats for 100 Days. Things I have noticed about the 100 Squats:

  • There has been a testosterone boost (privately message me for why I think this), especially after lifting heavy
  • My legs are stronger and thicker (of course)
  • Hardly any knee pain! Maybe a discomfort on certain days, but practically not there! Yay!

What have you been up to in September?