Post Mortem: P90x & Fitness 2015

2015 had some ups and downs. Looking through what I did / practised, they were mostly calisthenics routines. I worked in the beginning of 2015 with the TRX Force workout, which quickly had to be replaced with Freeletics, as I was about to travel in May.

The TRX Force routine always gives me good long lean muscles. I do get a little stiffer but the results are good. On the down side, I tend to get a little more less flexible when I am doing this workout. Freeletics, on the other hand, was a pure body weight routine without any need for any equipment (except for the occasional pull up bar).

TRX Force last year

The Freeletics workout is super high intensity interval training (HIIT), maybe even take out the “interval” from that. On average, I could perform each workout in half an hour or less on a good day. I currently am practising Freeletics again this year, and I find that I can finish off a workout on average in 20 minutes (so usually I do two).

Anyway, P90X last year was great! After so many months of body weight routines, lifting weights was fun. The great thing also was that Tony Horton spent a lot of time on flexibility and mobility, so yoga mat practice was compromised a great deal.

A few negatives though:

  • I required the TV when exercising
  • I do not have a pull up bar in my flat
  • A few end-of-year tragedies took place which made me kind of stop exercising

In other words, I ballooned even more! This year, I began again with Freeletics, because I reckon the HIIT craziness would help me lose some unwanted weight. So far, so good. It has been about three weeks. I hope to finish the entire programme, then perhaps move into P90X again, or some other form of weight training (aside from yoga practice).

Let’s see where this takes us! What are your plans fitness-wise for the New Year?