Meditation for the third-eye chakra.

The Ajna Chakra, or the third-eye chakra, is considered to be the seat of wisdom and insight. Positioned in the centre of the forehead, the colour associated with it is indigo, and the element associated with it is light.

With the energy flowing freely at this energy wheel, we trust our inner wisdom and have have clarity of thought. We view events around us with minimal bias or prejudice.

For this meditation, you may sit comfortably on a meditation cushion, a yoga mat, or on a chair. You will need a lit candle, or an oil flame, placed before you.

Gaining discernment.

Listen to the guided meditation below to help support your ajna chakra.

Meditation for the Ajna Chakra.

The Ajna Chakra (I did my best to pronounce it!) is the seat of insight and discernment. This guided meditation invites these capacities as we focus on the third eye. You may find this track useful especially in times when you lack clarity or a way forward. In addition, there will be candle-gazing (trataka) at the end of the practice to help us with engaging with our inner wisdom and insight.

Tell me if you found this meditation useful, and what more you’d like me to teach you.

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