Return to Mysore.

It was four months ago in November when I took a total break from Ashtanga Yoga Mysore practice due to my knee injury. I took November off to rehab the knee with electro muscle stimulation (EMS), and spent December and January building strength in the gym. In February, I had planned to start again, but due to the Chinese New Year, a revamp of my schedule and financial restrictions, I had to put it off until now.

Saraswati Jois, daughter of Patabhi Jois, founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa practice

Firstly, it was exhilarating being back in Mysore practice and I flowed much more fluidly than expected, especially considering how I might have only self-practised about three times on my own since November. Secondly, my twists are much better than when I stopped! I cannot believe it! I suspect it is because I have been twisting a lot during the interim to help relieve the knee injury.

Thirdly, I had difficulty with the roll-up poses (supta konasana and ubhaya padangustasana) were tougher than before. However, fourthly, since working out, the arm balances are so much better and I even managed to land on my chin in bhujapidasana! Shocking!

Sharath Jois and Patabhi Jois

Finally, stamina has deteriorated since November when I stopped, and I found I needed to end the practice at ubhaya padangustasana (and I fell in sirsasana!). No matter, I look forward to continuing practice (on a weekly basis, because really I am no ashtangi!) and hopefully move into second series… one day soon!