Okay ZOMG! I joined a gym!

For about six months, I have been thinking I would like to workout with weights, preferably heavy weights. It has been almost five years since I have practised this and I began to miss it. In addition, learning about weight loss for men in the forties, and cardio and weights are important for consistent progress.

Because of my wonky knee, running and burpees are totally out for cardio. In fact, the only cardio I feel comfortable doing are step ups and kettle bell swings. As for weights, working out at home means I have only one 10kg kettle bell and two 10 kg dumbbells. Aside from all this, I felt I needed a change of pace.

So I began looking for gyms near my area or which have opening times that are convenient for me. Okay, you might wonder why a personal trainer would need a gym and the answer is simply because the studio I work at is pretty busy and I feel a little funny using equipment meant for clients when they are using it (plus the space). Also, my working out time is my “me” time, and I like to do it comfortably in my own space.

It’s been ages since I’ve been on an elliptical trainer

After going to a few shoplot-type of gyms, I decide to opt for a franchise gym. This somewhat saddens me because I really want to support local businesses, especially local small businesses in the fitness industry. However, many of these gyms opened late (around lunch time, which means no option for morning workouts after my early morning sessions). In addition, some of these weren’t as well equipped as I would have liked, or if they are (like Body Factory gym, which really impressed me), the location wasn’t that suitable for me.

Saying that, I chose a new and smaller franchise than the fancier options to suit my budget. The gym has enough cardio machines,  weight machines, dumb bells and other exercise equipment (TRX, battling rope, kettle bells) that I need. The shower facilities are good and there is wifi for my Spotify (Spotify is so good for the gym!). So that suits me better

So I began working out on Sunday, doing my legs. My inner thighs are still aching right now. The second day was push muscles and my chest is aching also now. My workout, at least for December, will look be combination of cardio and a basic bodybuilding routine:

Day One

  • Cardio (20 mins)
  • Leg workout: 5×10 for compound moves and 3×12 for isolated / single joint moves

Day Two

  • Cardio (20 mins)
  • Push workout [chest, shoulders and triceps]: 5×10 for compound moves and 3×12 for isolated / single joint moves

Day Three

  • Cardio (20 mins)
  • Pull workout [back and biceps]: 5×10 for compound moves and 3×12 for isolated / single joint moves

Day Four

  • Cardio (60 mins)

And in addition, after each session, spend ample time stretching. My inner thighs and groin really ache now, so baddha konasana, a yoga pose I was pretty good at, is now so painful!

The remaining two days of the week will be yoga, with one day of rest. Will update more at the end of the month!