New journey: Bodybuilding 😲💪🏽 (Part 3).

It’s December, and I have been focusing on bodybuilding training with Kodin since October and I definitely feel a change. I have had quite a number of changes to my workout and lifestyle.

Firstly, as mentioned previously, my workout now is on a six-day split, with every body part included  during those six days, including the little muscles, such as biceps, triceps and calves (all of which I sometimes neglect). In addition to this, I also need to do at least three half-hour sessions of cardio, and also integrate abs (upper, lower and obliques) into the mix.

So now, my workouts tend to be pretty long. I am lucky if I can include one yoga mat practice session during the week, although I try to. Usually, I end up either at Manasa Yoga‘s Pulsation or Ashtanga Inspired classes, or at Aravind Yoga‘s Yin Yoga classes. I try to also stretch as much as I can, but sometimes this takes a back seat. Thankfully, the only place I am beginning to feel tighter is the shoulder area.

Secondly, I am beginning to take supplements: namely, whey protein, Glutamine and Creatine. There definitely is a difference, but more on this later.

Thirdly, I have begun to eat “clean” (sort of). It started off with my buying pre-packed healthy food, but now I have begun cooking! More of that as well!

The goal is to go up to 95 kg, with a body fat percentage below 15% by middle of next year, then cut down to 78 kg with less than 7% body fat! OMG, I am not sure how this is possible! Eating is really essential, and I am actually pretty psyched to try to go up to 100kg with less than 15% body fat! Let’s see what happens!