New journey: bodybuilding 😲💪🏽 (Nutrition).

Okay, one of the things I am still trying to get used to is the amount of food I need to eat to grow bigger. At first, I had to change my diet to something more “clean”. This meant food that had no hidden sugars in the sauces etc. as well as less simple carbohydrates.

The difficulty in this was finding the time to cook. So in the end, I got from Kodin a guy who does bodybuilders’ clean kinda diet food, Perfect Nutrition. In addition, I sourced on my own and found a few healthy meal food delivery services, and I ended up using Koru Food Morsels, due to its convenience and the logistics (because of my schedule, its easier for me to pick up food than for it to be delivered to me).

One of my attempts of baked chicken breast – tasted awesome!

I began with Perfect Nutrition, whose food was pretty simple but obviously nutrition dense. The pricing was also good, I felt. After about three days of their meals, I began to get super sugar cravings around 10pm. The cravings were so real that I had to eat a whole pack of dried apricots!

From this, I began to understand how much sugar we eat in the sauces and gravies of our food. Unlike Western food, which usually has its gravy separated, Asian food is generally gravy- or sauce-rich. I was seriously surprised, because I felt I ate pretty healthily on my own.

Some kind of egg and peas casserole I did in December

So I used these two food vendors, depending on the days and logistics and delivery availability, but in December, especially with Kodin’s encouragement, I began cooking. I have an oven, an electric cooker and a rice steamer and that’s all I use. Personally, I prefer baking, because you dump everything in the oven and it just cooks. But now and then I will cook Eddy and myself some pasta, namely aglio olio. I need to try new pasta recipes, especially pesto.

My eating has increased like crazy and I only put on a paltry 5 kg since November. I have learnt how to separate egg yolks from the whites (on my own) because I am eating insane amounts of egg every day. Now, I am supposed to start taking some whey in addition before bed.

Aglio Olio prep

To be honest, cooking isn’t as difficult as I thought. Of course, when it comes to peeling garlics or onions, that takes me ages. But if it is a meal of steamed and baked stuff, it’s super easy and not time consuming at all. And to be honest, I prefer steaming and baking because it doesn’t deal with hot oil, which sputters and bursts around one’s bare stomach.

For many reasons, I have stopped using those food delivery services I listed above (although it would be nice if they were there for backup). Mainly, I spend one morning on my off days prepping for the week ahead. Sometimes, before doing it, it feels like a chore, but when I’m done, I realise how easy it actually is.

Fitness, bodybuilding and health reasons aside, I think it’s important to know how to cook. It’s a matter of survival, it’s cheaper and most importantly it is healthier.

What do you think? Do you cook your own food? Is it difficult? Comment below!