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I lost more body fat!

Since September, I decided I needed to up my game in the gym. I have had Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “New Encyclopaedia of Modern Bodybuilding” for awhile, but I just glanced at the workouts and found them totally intimidating. But this time, I decided to read the book from start to finish.

What I found was that Arnie is well-deserving for his reputation of a fitness inspiration. Not only has he vast knowledge, he also has vast experience, and he shares it all in this book. Aside from his humorous anecdotes of his sports career, he explains what worked for him, what didn’t and he makes all the scientific jargon very accessible, unlike those fitness textbooks I had to glean for my own certifications.

So I girded my loins and embarked on his suggested workout plan, Level 1 Phase 1, and I have just finished six weeks of it, and soon going to move to Phase 2. After two weeks, I found my legs were growing and there were noticeable gains in my deltoids, biceps and triceps. Four weeks in, I found my body fat percentage inching even closer to 16% and my muscle mass in my arms gaining.

For me, the best thing about the workouts is I have grown to not hate leg workouts and am finding thickness in my thighs. My thighs, especially quads, have been my weakest link, but now I am seeing gains and I love it!

More to come as I move on with his workout scheme. I haven’t really followed his nutrition plan, but I will update if / when I do (it’s a lot of food and I suspect a pretty expensive endeavour to follow his meal plans).

What have you been up to for your fitness? Tell me in the comments!