Final thoughts on EMS (for now)

This is a look-back on my electro muscle (“EMS”) rehab and training. I began rehab and training with EMS on 28 October 2016, and now, the knee is much better and I have lost 3 kg. In the beginning, I began with just 20 minutes on the fitness setting, followed by 5 minutes of cellulitis. When I had time, I added 5 minutes on the relax setting to stretch. Being aware that making the abductors tight and sore would be detrimental to the knee, I really turned down the settings for the glutes.

I trained in circuits of five exercises x 4 rounds, with each exercise going for a minute. I made sure I had at least two minutes of leg and knee work in the mix for the knee rehab. On most days, after the training the knee felt really good, with barely a trace of pain or soreness. I diligently iced, elevated as well as rested the knee as best as I could, but it was my right knee, so driving was inevitable and driving in start/stop traffic inevitably affected the knee adversely, no matter how much I tried to adjust the alignment of the knee / ankle / hip, and no matter how I tried making the movement more skilful and less lazy.

Within a week, I increased the time for the fitness EMS from 20 minutes to 25 minutes, doing five circuits of five minutes, adding another five for cellulitis cardio work and occasional stretching. At home, I went through the usual icing process, but also added half an hour to an hour’s worth of stretching, and occasionally also added in some ashtanga vinyasa mat work to build up the body heat.

There were good days and bad days for the knee, but after three weeks, the pain had in effect gone, but I was continuing care through EMS and RICE (Rest Ice Compress Elevate). Then, as mentioned, Le Boot and Le Barre happened. Following that, I had to rehab the knee and after one week again, I kind of came out of handstand through a cartwheel in a bad way during the handstand workshop. So after that, it was another week of rehab and RICE.

Now, the knee is better, although not as grand as it was before Le Boot. Still, I have decided to move on with the rehab. More of that to come!