Fifth month in the gym.

It’s been six month since I rejoined a gym, and the fifth month where I am actually doing a fixed workout programme. I’ve gone through quite a number of cycles, including a mass-building one in April, and now a shredding / cutting one in May. I am kinda following this workout from Men’s Fitness for the month of May (with one deload week).

The good news is I have lost another kilogram, making it the first time in many years that I am under 80kg! This really pleases me! For this workout, I usually do half an hour cardio on the elliptical, followed by one of the workouts. If you follow the workout, you really would be sweating buckets because it’s a real shredding type of programme, with a HIIT (sorta) finisher.

I also threw in some EMS (electro muscle stimulation) on a few days when I felt my knee go a little wonky. But another piece of good news, I discovered Yoga Tape and that, together with two sessions of EMS (in addition to the Men’s Fitness workout) and whole week of deload, has made my knee much better! Let’s hope the stress of driving doesn’t make it regress in its healing!

Getting Yoga Taped!

So for June, I intend to move into a more bodybuilding kinda workout. I’m hoping to get a little bigger and more defined, we’ll see how things go!