100 Squats in 100 Days!

💯 Squats in 💯 Days! From 12 August until 20 November, I’ll be doing 100 Squats! Who’s with me?

As mentioned in my previous Fitness Adventures blog post, I am inspired by this workout piece to do 100 Squats in 100 Days. Mainly, I would like to do this as a discipline practice, less so than a “gainz” discipline. So I am gonna take it easy on myself, and include any type of exercise that utilises the same muscles and joints as a squat.

The article that inspired me to do this!

So I will be doing all kinds of squats, including air squats, front squats, back squats, dumbbell squats, wall squats with balls, TRX squats, squat jumps, dynamic chair pose (utkatasana), as well as what many might not consider squats, like hip raises (dynamic bridge poses, in yogi speak), which are a regression of a squat and leg presses.

What squats? Well, squats builds leg muscles, and I feel I need better proportion. But in addition, squats also create an anabolic environment, which triggers the release of testosterone and human growth hormone in our body, components vital for muscle growth. So squats help to improve muscle mass when we train other areas of our body, aside from your legs.

Leg presses are squats, IMHO

Squats also are easily performed, which means that on busy days, I can just air squat 100 just about anywhere, including while watching TV after dinner. As one of the best functional exercises about, squats helps us to perform our daily activities better. For more on the benefits of squats, go here.

Along the way, I will also show some stretches to help maintain good flexibility while I do the 100 squats. Go to my Instagram account here if this interests you!

What do you think? Will you be squatting 100 squats for 100 days with me? Comment below!