100 Squats in 100 Days (August 2017).

There are many reasons why I decided to take up the challenge of doing 100 Squats in 100 Days. The most important one is that I wanted a discipline, a challenge. One hundred days of squats (ending 20 November) is a long time, if you think about it. I wanted the focus as I tend to get restless really fast.

I also wanted to get a little stronger in the legs, especially as I have my right knee issue, which is hardly there anymore. Related to this is that I wanted to get a little more proportionate because I have always been a little top heavy. This isn’t because I don’t focus on legs, but I focus on legs as much as the rest of the body. Maybe it’s time I focused more on legs than other body parts!

I decided against using weights all the time, after all, I don’t want to cause further damage to the knee. So on some days, I went lighter, other days, I went heavier and some days, I got creative. I also wasn’t going to be picky about what a squat is; so long as there is hip and knee flexion, together with engagement of same or similar muscles, I am gonna call it a squat!

So this is how my August looked:

DateType of SquatsNumber
 12 Aug BB Squats100
13 Aug DB Squats100
 14 Aug Leg Presses100
 15 Aug Air Squats100
 16 Aug BB Squats100
 17 Aug KB Sumo Squats100
 18 Aug BB Deadlifts100
 19 Aug TRX Squats50
 19 Aug Air Squats50
 20 Aug Leg Presses100
 21 Aug BB Squats100
 22 Aug Air Squats70
 22 Aug Wall Rope Squats30
 23 Aug BB Front Squats100
 24 Aug BB Deadlifts100
 25 Aug KB Sumo Squats100
 26 Aug TRX Squats100
 27 Aug DB Squats100
 28 Aug BB Squats100
 29 Aug Air Squats100
 30 AugDeadlifts100
 31 AugKB Sumo Squats100
For me, deadlifts are squats coz the knee and hips are in flexion / extension and also it works about the same muscles.

As a summary, I can tell you that my legs and butt have benefitted a lot from this exercise. Secondly, my testosterone also has shot up, don’t ask me how I know, but I do. This second factor takes place only when the lifts are heavy though. Finally, I notice that it is good to do at least two or three lighter air squat or TRX squat type routine within a week.

How has your progress been? Are you doing 100 Squats in 100 Days with me?