Yoga for any age and any body.

Have you ever looked at those social media yogis and yoginis bending back like a pretzel, or lifting up into a handstand, and thought to yourself that yoga could not possibly be for you?

Well, you wouldn’t be the only one…

The good news is – yoga is adaptable to for any entry level. Plus, yoga practice should have no compulsion and no expectation.

Here are four different variations of the surya namaskar, or sun salutes, that will show you we can practise yoga no matter our age, and what body we live in – no matter how we feel that day.

Take a watch of the videos below:

Seated Sun Salutes.

Chair Sun Salutes.

Sivananda Sun Salutes.

Ashtanga Sun Salutes.

As you can see, yoga is available to all of us, at whichever stage we are at in life, in whichever type of body we live in.

If you are finally ready to tap into body and mind movement practice, comment below or email me for 1:1 virtual yoga mentoring.

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