Revisiting an oldie but goodie – Julien Greaux 365 Circuit Trainer

For years, I used to work out following either what my trainers told me, or what I read in magazines. During a period when I felt no gains, I took a look online and found Julien Greaux’s 365 Circuit Trainer programme on and decided to give it a go.

So it is the first programme I ever followed totally and from the Internet. I must say it gave me awesome gains. This was before I became a personal trainer and boot camp instructor, so I especially found the calisthenics Day One programme tough, even though the reps are quite low (five sets though). Now, because of my knee injury, I am going to take it easy with the plyo work.

So yes, Day One is basically a body weight and plyometrics workout. Day Two is a Smith Machine workout, while Day Four is an abs / core workout and Day Five is a cable machine workout. Day Three is a nutrition circuit which difficult to follow for the Asian market, IMHO.

Julien Greaux is an MMA athlete

Anyway, because I don’t have a gym membership, and because I have limited weights, I have had to modify. Days One and Four are fine, but I have had to increase the reps for Day Two because I don’t have a Smith Machine in my flat and Day Five will be TRX. It will be interesting. I will stick it out for between four weeks to six weeks, then change it up.

Of course, still three to four sessions of yoga per week. That’s a given!

I’ll let you know how things go. What’s your workout now?