New journey: Bodybuilding 😲💪🏽 (Part 1).

So… I have hired myself a personal trainer to help me develop my body into a … bodybuilder’s! 💪🏽😲 As mentioned previously, I want a personal trainer because I would like to push myself a little further. I find that I am a little cautious when I train by myself, mainly because of my many injuries, and also because to prevent further injuries, especially on free weights.

Also, my interest in bodybuilding has been piqued. This is because I have been researching more into healthy ageing for men, as well as boosting testosterone and human growth hormone, and the richest resources for this area is mainly from bodybuilding websites.

Aside from that, almost all fitness trends and efforts in terms of strength training are evolutions from bodybuilding modalities. So why not go old school and actually do some hardcore bodybuilding?

So Kodin from Wong Hong’s Barbell Club is now my new trainer 😊. He has a pretty illustrious career, including:

  • 2003: Mr Kuala Lumpur (5th Place)
  • 2012: Mr Kuala Lumpur (Bantam Champion) & Mr Malaysia (2nd Runner Up)
  • 2013: Mr Kuala Lumpur (Overall Winner 70kg); Mr Malaysia (1st Runner Up)
  • 2014: Mr Kuala Lumpur (Overall Winner 70 kg); Mr Malaysia (1st Runner Up)
Wong Hong’s Barbell Club – upstairs

I asked Wong, whom I knew for awhile, whether he knew anyone who could train me, or if he himself could train me. He said he schedule was full, so he referred me to Kodin. I called Kodin up and made an appointment to see him.

Wong Hong’s Barbell Club is located in the Lee Chong Wei Sports Arena in Taman Sri Sentosa, off Old Klang Road. It looks pretty hardcore from the outside, and it is pretty hardcore on the inside. It reminds me of those shop lot gyms that I used to frequent when I was in my early 20s, before the large franchise and commercial gyms hit town.

Sentosa Sports Complex, in which Wong Hong’s Barbell Club is situated

The gym takes up two storeys, overlooking the badminton courts. There is apparently two of every weight machines and it really is impressive. Photos of Wong and other athletes are all over the downstairs foyer and reception area, and the remainder of the downstairs is free weights. Upstairs are the machines and a few cardio ones as well, plus the showers.

My impression of Kodin was: “Boy, is he big!” and apparently his impression of me was “Boy, is he flat!”, LOL 😂! Well, to be fair, compared to everyone there (in general), I am kinda small and flat. Thin, even!

Downstairs of the gym

Kodin looked me over and suggested that I should put on 15 more kg to 95 kg, then cut down to 78 kg. That sounds like a lot of hard work! But it will be an interesting experience and I am really looking forward to it!

More on the workouts in the next post!