Fire and air – the third and fourth chakras.

There is so much mystery and esotericism attached to exploring the chakras, perhaps making some of us enticed and others sceptical about these energy wheels in our subtle body.

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The chakras exist, whether we ‘believe in them’ or not, much like stones or rocks exist. Perhaps they cannot be seen, but energy many times cannot be seen or touched. But as with all things yoga, it is the experience that helps our development and journey.

For me, learning about the chakras explained many things about my own self, and helped to rectify imbalances and shortcomings through practice- whether in yoga, meditation or reiki.

Let’s turn to the third and fourth chakra, the energy wheels that help us to shine and to relate respectively.

Manipura Chakra.

This chakra is located in our subtle body at the solar plexus, so it is also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra – or sometimes we consider it navel or abdominal centre energy. Its name is derived from the Sanksrit “mani” meaning ‘gems’, and “pura” meaning ‘town’, hence “city of jewels.

This is the centre where we “shine”, where we find courage, recognise our self-worth and assert ourselves when necessary. It is aptly located where our digestive fire and heat regulation functions are. Unsurprisingly, the element that represents this chakra is fire and the Sun (and incidentally, the representative planet is Mars).

It is symbolised by a 10-petalled lotus, and its colour is yellow (or gold). The 10 petals represent the 10 energy channels flowing from the energy centre.

The sense organ associated to the Manipura Chakra are the eyes, and its associated sense is sight.

This chakra helps us to develop our ego and our identity in the world. It also helps functions relating to the liver, digestion and other intestinal functions.

When our Manipura Chakra is imbalanced, we may feel small or allow people to bully us. We may not feel radiant, perhaps be reluctant in moving forward. On the other hand, when dominated by this chakra, we may seek to have more personal power and recognition no matter what the cost.

If we seek to balance this energy centre with yoga asana, we need to work on our core. Both strengthening and opening this region of our anatomy helps to balance out the energy of this chakra.

Through mantra meditation, we can sit and chant the bija mantra (seed mantra) “Ram”.

Essential oils that I use to help balance out this energy centre are:

  • Black pepper
  • Ginger
  • Grapefruit
  • Fennel

Anahata Chakra.

Located at the heart space, this chakra helps us to relate – whether to ourselves, other people, animals, the environment or to the world. Together with the notion of relating is the capacity to give, to have compassion and to have gratitude.

Its name is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “unstruck sound”. It is known as the gateway to the ‘spiritual’ chakras (from the throat upwards) in reiki, and as such, it causes us to yearn for union to a higher spiritual power / plane (or the divine).

Anahata means ‘unbeaten’, and is represented by the colour green. Its symbol is a 12-petalled lotus, with two interlinked triangles: the inverted triangle representing Shakti, or matter, and the upright triangle representing Shiva, or consciousness.

The element representing this energy wheel is air, and the sense associated with the anahata is touch.

If we seek to balance out the energy of the Anahata Chakra, a lot of heart-openers such as those below, may help:

Alternatively (or in addition), you may try sitting practice, chanting the matra ‘yam’.

The essential oils I use to help connect to the heart capacity are:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Breathe (dōTERRA blend)

Shining and relating.

These two chakras help us to shine and relate respectively.

Stay tuned for blog posts on:

  • Yoga asana on the manipura chakra and anahata chakra
  • The next three chakras – vishuddhi (throat), ajna (third eye) and sahasrara (crown) chakras

in the weeks ahead!

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