Broga® Yoga (re)launch.

Broga® Yoga was relaunched on 9 July 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, a Sunday morning recently! Yes, the fitness-based yoga class, tailored for men and open to all, was launched at Aravind Yoga in Kuala Lumpur in November 2015. I later on opened a class at Activ Studio, also in November 2015.

The initial launch of Broga® Yoga at Aravind Yoga, KL – I hadn’t even got my Broga tees yet!

The thing is, I and a few of my friends were thinking I never really had a big launch, inviting media and telling the world that Broga® was here in Malaysia. So we decided to have a proper launch, inviting the media and partners for the event.

This was the first time I ever undertook such an endeavour. When I decided to relaunch, I knew I had to create new collateral and make things interesting. I had to even drum up interest in the launch itself, which was why I did a community class for Lululemon Kuala Lumpur at their showroom in May of this year.

The Lululemon Broga® Yoga community class

I also planned things like new photo sessions and lots of meetings with potential collaborators. In the end, together with Wenisa from Activ Studio, we decided to have Ash Be Nimble, the Kettle Bowl and Yoga Tape to help us out with our event, and I have to say that they were awesome partners!

We settle for 9 July, two Sundays after Hari Raya, and I enlisted a good old friend to help me with my photos, the same friend who took awesome photos for me for the Broga photo shoot in late April, like the one above.

The Activ Studio launch, July 2017

I’m not gonna get into stress and anxiety of creating and executing an event, even on such a small scale. I admit, I was pretty tense for about a week prior to the event, but thanks to all involved, everything went so well, and I am just feeling so blessed!

Eddy was my demo man again!

And Men’s Health and Time Out also were represented! 🎊😎💪🏽

Aaron, a trainer from Activ, was also there and helped assuage my anxiety, while Eddy, my former demo man in the first launch, did the demonstrating again. In fact, everyone from our collaborators to the people who turned up were so supportive, I couldn’t have asked for more!

The class after their sweaty session

It was an awesome morning! After the class, I helped a few guys with some back and hamstring issues with the yoga bolsters (more on that later – stay tuned!), while Sandeep from Yoga Tape did a demo and took over the show, while I went and sampled Kettle Bowl’s awesome granola and browsed through Ash Be Nimble’s men’s clothing.

Just for July, there is a special promo for the Broga Yoga class at Activ, RM 20 per class. Stay tuned for a promo in August!

Were you there on the morning of the launch? What are your thoughts? Comment below!