Bodybuilding update – August 2018.

At the end of June and in the beginning of July, I think my body kinda gave up on me. As mentioned previously, I threw in some German Volume Training into the mix and I think that kinda made my body go bust! Mentally, the moment I stepped into the gym, I was thinking, “Not again! I wanna go home!”. Physically, I found I had to decrease my the weights lifted, or I couldn’t complete sets. Once or twice, I couldn’t even complete all the exercises and just went home!

It was a difficult time for me. I was keen on developing myself further and was stuck in a rut. I wasn’t gaining new muscle, my weight remained the same, and I guess all this was frustrating me. I had long-drawn WhatsApp messages with Kodin and both of us were rather reluctant to give myself a break. But when it finally was clear that nothing else would do, with Kodin’s blessing, I took a whole week off and just stretched or practised some yoga (even that was a bit too tiring for me!).

The following week, as I looked in the mirror, I thought I looked noticeably bigger. When I weighed myself, I saw that I had gained about 3 kg! I couldn’t believe it! Yes, some of it was fat and some of it was water, but definitely some of it was muscle too! I was really pleased!

This has taught me an important lesson in recovery. My body was being overworked and my mind was even fighting against me during those workouts. I am now between 87.5 to 88 kg, whereas I had stagnated at about 84 kg for months on end! So next time you’re feeling too tired to workout, sometimes your body knows better than your mind!

What have you been up to with your fitness? Tell me your progress in the comments below!