Middle-age spread (Part 1)

The time has come again when I find my middle portion kind of growing. Likewise my chest is looking quite barrel-like. I need to start auditing my food and exercise.

At around age 42, men find themselves facing the middle-age spread crisis. Alarmingly, testosterone drops, which causes the muscle-building process to falter. As such, metabolism drops and food intake does not burn the way they used to.

I experienced this once before when I was in my mid-30s. No matter what I did, how hard I worked out, my mid-section just grew exponentially. After a month of frustration, I audited what I consumed and my waistline dropped.

The good old days of my 20s just saw me jump in a pool and diligently lap for a week whenever I felt I put on weight. Inevitably, I would lose an inch or two within a fortnight. No need to look at nutrition and portions!

That didn’t work in my 30s and I doubt if it would work now. I work out quite hard as it is, about six times a week!

The good thing is that this is not inevitable. So I am now on a crusade, armed with knowledge that I already have, plus some motivation from fitness greats! Will update you on the progress, as and when.

Are you experiencing the mid-life middle portion spread? What are you doing? Or did you do?