Manasa Back to Basics & Beyond Basics Workshop.

Manasa Yoga is an amazing yoga school. I learnt so much from Manoj and us, as resident teachers, try to impart at least some of the philosophy as well as the movement teachings in our classes, both in and outside the school. I really enjoy being a resident teacher at Manasa, having learnt so much and still am learning.

Manasa did two workshops, ‘Mastering the Basics’ and ‘Beyond Basics’ in early March 2019. I could only make it to the second day of both workshops but it was worthwhile. ‘Mastering the Basics’ was an excellent workshop for those just beginning their yoga journey. In fact, I based my classes practically entirely on the workshop and got some of my clients and class participants to get into poses they couldn’t get into previously!

The Beyond Basics workshop was interesting, because it introduced the stick, the philosophy of mandala, and its connection to karma – cause and effect. Using the bamboo stick took a little getting used to but wasn’t that difficult (although I think to get it really smooth would take a lot of practise). More interesting for me was the floor movements, the constant circular movement pattern, getting it smooth – those were new and interesting ideas for me.

The Beyond Basics was limited to 20 people per workshop. Because of the high demand, it is currently still going on because of the wait list. It will be interesting to see how this is integrated into classes, I believe the intermediate classes and above. Looking forward!

Did you go for the workshop? What did you think of it? Tell me in the comments below!