Manasa All About the Props Workshop (and Encore!).

This is so long overdue! I just realised about a week ago that I haven’t discussed this on my blog! It was a great workshop on using props for mat practice at Manasa Yoga in July and an encore one-day revisiting of the workshop as an encore, due to demand.

For the first three-day workshop, I couldn’t make it for the first day, which I understand was mainly restorative. But I go for the second day, and was it tough! We used the props, mainly the ropes, for strength and core work. Those of you who have never experienced this, should go over to Manasa in SS2 on Thursdays for the strength & stability classes!

What I liked about this day of workshop was that we used the rope to help us in inversions, such as handstand, forearm balance, shoulder stand and later also the human flag! You need  to have been there to experience it!

I got to experience the restorative part of the initial workshop during the encore session a few weeks later. I have to say, it was totally worth it! We worked on lotus and variations, and how to use to the strap getting into lotus or half lotus.

And lots of physical rest!

Did you go for the Manasa All About The Props workshop? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!