In aid of animals!

I am so pleased to have been involved with Furry Friends Farm’s “Let’s Get Physical” event, which took place on 13 March 2016 at British International School, KL. Ours was the first event, Yoga for our Furry Friends. Unfortunately, the promotional material for the event itself (not the yoga session) stated the class would begin at 10.30 am, not 10.00. So there were a few latecomers.

Some of the volunteer teachers, waiting for the event in the cafeteria

To be honest, I was stressing about speaking about Ahimsa / non-violence. I was afraid that it might come out cheesy or cliche, and in the end, Eddy offered to do the job, and he did great! We did the Unmesha/Nimesha Manasa Yoga sequence, with modifications, and interspersed with classical sun salutes. We had eight teachers present to help out, so everyone had a lot of attention.

Eddy speaking on “Ahimsa” / nonviolence

The feedback was good. As with any all levels class, the trick was trying to get everyone challenged and satisfied, while bringing their attention to practising non-violence to themselves. Thankfully, the teachers assisting really helped with either softening or strengthening the practice of the students.

Later on, there were two more fitness events, Zumba and Les Mills Body Combat. The farm also brought Kuning and a few other rescue dogs, three beautiful pups for adoption and Rajoo the goat.

Some of us, with Kuning, the hero dog!

Looking back, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the help that was offered. I hope this project helped the animal sanctuary!