EMS for November 2016

Things have been stale for me when it comes to a fitness routine. To be honest, the hundreds of burpees done earlier this year under the Freeletics workout was the cause of my knee pain now. Don’t misunderstand, it wasn’t the programmes fault, more so mine in the sense of not executing the jump forwards more mindfully, as a yogi should. Still, a word of caution to those new to fitness that even those who have been exercising for decades might falter to their detriment when it comes to movement.

The first time I tried electro muscle stimulation (EMS) at the old Sparta gym

So anyway, back to the moment, I have been floundering around October, looking for a good workout to begin. Being a personal trainer, of course I could create my own, and I did begin doing one, but I realised that I am so used to designing programmes for fitness and designing sequences for yoga classes that I wanted to try something someone else has to advocate.

Still, none appealed to me (although the Gold Medal Bodies system and the Athlean-X programmes look interesting). However, due to the knee injury, one evening at Activ Studio, one of the spaces I instruct at / teach in, I decided to rehab my knee with some electro muscle stimulation (EMS).

I made the silly mistake of turning up the current on glutes and low back too high during the first session. So while my knee felt so much better afterwards, the soreness and stiffness in my abductors affected the knee’s functionality tremendously.

Wireless EMS launching soon at Activ Studio

So I took a week’s break from EMS and went back to it in the last week. It began with a testing for group wireless EMS session, then began working out every other day. The knee rehab has been amazing and the gains has been amazing! Here’s to November!

Me with a former client before her EMS session

The bummer is I have had to have a break from yoga these past few weeks, especially Ashtanga Yoga practice. But the key thing is to get the knee healthy so that I can get back into practice as soon as it is practical.

What are your fitness / workout plans for the month?