Combat stress with these yoga poses.

Stress is a major detriment to our wellbeing and it’s best to manage stress as soon as it arises, rather than allow it to build up.

As a yoga teacher and personal trainer, I can honestly tell you how badly stress can affect your yoga practice or workout if you allow it to cling to you. Of course, it affects your health, your emotional wellbeing and maybe even eventually your relationships.

So here are three yoga poses to help you battle stress.

Child’s pose is great before bed, or sneak one in if you have a private space at work!

Seated forward bend can be sneaked in at work if you have a clean floor and a private space.

Standing forward bend can be done at any time, anywhere!

Try these poses during stressful times. If you have unmedicated high blood pressure, please be careful with the standing forward bend.

Comment below when you have tried it, or if you have any questions! Enjoy!