Broga Yoga in Men’s Health Malaysia!

Men’s Health Malaysia featured Broga® Yoga in their web stories recently! We are just so excited about this!

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For more, go here! Anis Taufik of Men’s Health had to say:

Keen to find out for myself what Broga yoga is really like, I got to experience it firsthand at its recent launch. The class started like other yoga sessions I’d attended in the past; we kicked off with some dynamic stretches to get the blood pumping, and paid extra attention to our breaths as we transitioned between each movement. The HIIT component, which came later in the class, reminded me a bit of military boot camp training – rising into no-jump burpees right after push-ups definitely got my heart rate up, and helped us break into a sweat!

One thing that stood out for me was how the movements engaged my smaller muscle groups. I have a tendency to go hard, fast and heavy when I lift weights on my own at the gym. As a result, most of my workouts tend to focus on the larger muscle groups through isolation exercises. When I tried Broga, however, I realised that doing some of the moves – and holding certain poses – was a lot more challenging as they engaged my core and muscles that might have been hitherto dormant.

Keen to try out Broga yoga for yourself? Get in touch with me here or check out his classes at Activ Studio.

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