Bodybuilding update.

While I have been too busy to update the blog on my bodybuilding progress, I haven’t neglected the actual act of bodybuilding. In fact, I have been pretty discipline about it. Every Monday (usually), I will go down to Wong Hong’s Barbell Club to train with Kodin. For the remainder of the week, I will do the rest of the body parts on my own at Anytime Fitness. In addition, I do at least 90 mins to 120 mins of cardio and abs. If I can, I also do at least some yoga practice.

Looking bigger and executing lunges, one of my least fave leg exercises!

You may be wondering where do I find the time, and the answer to that is I honestly don’t know. Because of my stubborn leg development, Kodin has requested I do an additional half day of legs as well. And because I feel I have hit a plateau, I have thrown in a few GVTs into the mix in the hopes of greater gains. I actually think I have grown leaner because of the GVTs…

Hopefully I won’t hit this plateau for too long. I notice that there is a strong connection to growth and results when I really focus while working out, as opposed to just going through the motions. Truly, the mind-body connection is a key tool in developing oneself and I am so glad to find that this connection is vital not just for yoga but also in other disciplines.

June 2018, chest with Kodin

How has your fitness journey been? Let me know in the comments!