Yoga, Emotions & Essential Oils.

I’m so thrilled to be hosting my first “Yoga, Emotions & Essential Oils” session at dōTERRA Malaysia’s office. For awhile now, I have been interested in mood management, stress management and also trauma sensitive yoga. I began this journey helping an NGO teach yoga to girls from troubled homes, and then fitness and eventually yoga to human trafficked children. But I figured that people in general would benefit from the great tools to yoga can provide, not just a specific population.

Just recently, I also discovered how quickly essential oils can help with mood management, and putting these two ancient practices may help people dealing with the stress of daily life. So here it is:

It is known that yoga helps with stress and mood management. Essential oils are also widely used to counter the pressures of daily life. Combining both methods creates a powerful measure against strains and stress and, possibly even, with trauma.

Discover how yoga and dōTERRA’s oils can help you navigate towards a calmer, more peaceful self!

Event is limited to the first 20 pax. Participants are required to bring along their own yoga mats, towels etc.

Please register directly at

The event takes place on 21 February 2019, beginning at 1930 (7.30 pm) at KL Eco City, Kuala Lumpur. Please contact dōTERRA Malaysia directly via email to book your place!