Yoga adventures in the past few months

This year has really been a rollercoaster ride. Aside from the personal highs and lows, in practice and in teaching (the latter being an extension of the former), it has really been a high. I must admit, since late October until about a week ago.

I have been doing P90X quite diligently, and there has been some gains. But I have found that my gluten and IT bands are getting super tight, so that twists and binds in yoga poses are getting difficult. So I have decided to hold back a little on the fitness workouts and increase my yoga practice.

So a few weeks ago, I went to a yoga class conducted by a teacher who first got me into practising. His name is Chin Lai, and it was a pretty good class. I even discovered that eka pada koundinyasana I was accessible for me!

Recently, for a change, I went to Eddy’s class at Living Arts Dance Studio, Puchong. It was a fun, as he has been to two of my classes as a participant and this was the first time I was there in his class to practice. Lots of fun, funky non-traditional poses, ha ha! You can see him scrambling around in the background here!