Why mindful movement?

Our bodies were built to move and whether we like it or not, we do move everyday in many different movement patterns. We push, pull, sit down and stand up; we rotate our torso, we climb stairs, we drive, walk, possibly run and sometimes crawl or pick ourselves up from the ground. It is an incredible privilege to be able to move!

While the ability to move is a blessing, all movement bears a risk of injury. And that’s what I am here to help you prevent. With just a little mindfulness in the way we move, we have the opportunity to avoid possible injury. Sometimes it just takes a little bit more focus on the way we move, on the way we breathe as we move, how our limbs interact with each other as we move, and our thought processes as we move, to avoid pain and just move better.

Velary in pink is a boot camp attendee who has begun to move mindfully

Mindful movement can be performed through any and all movement patterns, although ostensibly the root of mindful movement comes from yoga and other Eastern traditions, such as tai chi, and their derivative disciplines.

Mindful movement rewires your thought patterns and thereby your movement patterns. Skills learnt can be taken into our older age, and in fact may prove to be very valuable as our muscles and joints decline in strength and health. Why wait until then to set in more skilful movement patterns that can only benefit us?

While I have separated “Muscles” from “Mindful Movement” as categories on this website, it isn’t really a different thing. Our body needs the skeletal muscles to move, and it is always better if we move those muscles mindfully. Usually though, while we are busy running riot during bootcamp or enjoying the pump in the gym, there isn’t much focus on the mind-body connection.

June 2018, chest workout with Kodin – just bringing awareness to the pectorals squeezing at the apex of the movement has mindfulness elements

Although not essential, the mind-body focus helps to make the experience far better, helps to set in more skilful thought patterns and also helps to get results, especially in sports-orientated training. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger:

The Body Is Very Important, But The Mind Is MORE Important Than The Body…

And we know what an icon Arnie is! And here’s what Bruce Lee thought about the mind-body connection:

Master your mind and body. It’s not enough just to be smart. It’s not enough just to master your body. Your body and mind support each other. Your body helps turn what you think or dream up into results. As you think, so shall you become.

I try to bring more of a mind-body connection to your workout routines, through breath, through grounding in the body and in the movement, and other numerous techniques to enhance your exercise routines.

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