Spiritual Fair!

It has been a whole month since the Bazar Batin, and it has been so busy for me that I have not had the time to blog about happenings! It’s just been that busy and I have been unable to even pop open the computer!

The Bazar Batin took place at the end of June 2019, and I was so privileged to have been asked to do the yoga session, after Eddy‘s meditation. In addition, there was also Dhinesha Karthigesu on Stories & Coaching, Alia Kearney Mermaid Medicine Mystical Voice Healing, Sean Ching Cheang’s Women Circle.

One on ones and stalls included Moon Willow Healing touch, Malalovebymichelle, Kat Chang’s reiki energy healing, and finally Soniaa Satori  and Nickey Ross Feisty Pisces, both on tarot.

Eddy’s meditation was sweet, and my yoga was catering to a situation with minimal yoga mats. The magic ball therapy was painful on the feet but soothing everywhere else! And I finally got my tarot read and am still kinda scratching my head about the reading… And I treated myself to a beautiful Mala from Michelle!

It was an incredible afternoon and evening! I even did my first solo reiki but I wasn’t really prepared and I feel I wasn’t entirely “all there” (read more about my adventure into reiki in a later post!). This notwithstanding, the energy was fantastic, and it took me about a day to get down from the high!

Planning the event!

I really look forward to another one, whether I contribute or not! Thanks to the organisers and participants for the fantastic experience!